Hugh Grant, actor, 21.11.11: 'All I know is that for a number of years, although it did get better in recent years, if someone like me called the police for a burglary, a mugging, something in the street, something that happened to me or my girlfriend, the chances are that a photographer or reporter would turn up on your doorstep before a policeman. So whether you call that supposition or fact, I don't know. On top of that, I have, of course, also all Paul McMullen's recorded testimony -- not testimony, but what he said about paying the police, you know, a third of the Metropolitan Police were on back-handers from the tabloid press. ... It wasn't just me who experienced this phenomenon. Other people who had been in the public eye who I used to have this conversation with complained of exactly the same thing...I certainly remember my one girlfriend being mugged and we called the police and it was photographers who came around first.'