References to Paul Dacre you may or may not read in the Daily Mail

Charlotte Church, 28.11.11, referring to a speech Paul Dacre had made to the Society of Editors: 'I don't want to single out Paul Dacre but in terms of editors and people who are high up on these tabloid papers, he said in his speech that there were many journalists who were exposing the misdeeds of the rich, powerful and the pompous and it struck me that Mr Dacre himself and other editors are probably rich, definitely powerful - I'm not sure about pompous - that if they were subjected to the investigative journalism that they subject others to - maybe they would come out whiter than white, but if they weren't and had misdeeds to be spoken of, then surely their misdeeds are much more within the public interest being very powerful men in these massive media organisations than me, or my parents or my friends.'

Max Mosley, 24.11.11: 'Dacre said in his speech to the Society of Editors that I was guilty of unimaginable depravity. Well, first of all, it reflects very badly on his imagination but, apart from that, it's not a sensible comment because I wouldn't...I've no idea what Mr Dacre's sex life is. All I know is that he has a preoccupation with schoolboy smut on his website...Miss X in her bikini, Miss Y showing off her suntan etc, so he may have some sort of strange sex life.'

Mr Mosley was describing the effect upon him of the News of the World story headlined 'F1 Boss has sick Nazi orgy.' He told Lord Leveson that it was now accepted that there was absolutely no Nazi theme to the 'party' and this had been deliberately introduced by the newspaper. He also said the wide coverage in newspapers and on the internet had contributed to the death of his son, who suffered depression, from an accidental drugs overdose.

Referring to criticism of legal rulings by the Daily Mail editor, he declared: 'The point is it's not up to me to go into his bedroom and film him and then write about it. It's his business, and equally if somebody has got a slightly unusual sex life exactly the same then applies.

'I think the law is very clear and I think it's quite right, that if it's private, it's adults and it's consensual, then it concerns nobody else. The moment you go into that area where you say I don't really like what you're doing - lots of people do things I don't like sexually - it's not up to me to tell them not to. All I can object to and can say is, 'Please, don't do it in front of me, please make sure everybody consents' - and that's an end of the matter.

'It's a completely old-fashioned idea. It dates from the days when, for example, I was young where it was illegal to be gay, and all sorts of sexual activities which some people find quite normal - I might not - were actual criminal offences even between a man and a woman, and all that's been changed, the world has moved on. The only person who hasn't moved on is Mr Dacre.'

Mark Lewis, the solicitor whose clients include the footballers' union chief Gordon Taylor, Milly Dowler's parents and the ex-Premier League footballer Garry Flitcroft, also gave evidence to the inquiry.

He said he had been warned in a telephone call that Paul Dacre, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail, would sue him if he continued to claim that the paper had been involved in phone hacking.

Lewis said that threat was made in a phone conversation with a Daily Mail lawyer, Liz Hartley, on 25 January 2011. She allegedly told him: "Be aware that Paul Dacre is someone who will sue you if you suggest that we were involved in hacking."