Charlotte Church, 28.11.11. She said photographers would be outside her address 24/7. They had put a hidden camera in her hedge and would constantly chase her trying 'to pap up my skirt or down my top.' It had damaged her psychologically.

Sheryl Gascoigne, 23.11.11.  The former wife of Paul Gascoigne, told the inquiry that she had been hounded by press photographers while heavily pregnant. She said she was forced to crawl on her hands and knees while her arm was in a sling to escape the paparazzi.

Hugh Grant, actor, 21.11.11: 'The house where the mother of my child and my child were besieged was surrounded by these paparazzi, and I asked my lawyer what could possibly be done. He said maybe if they get some pictures of some of these people, we could have a chance, ask them to be called off. So the mother -- the 61-year-old grandmother of my child went out into the street, took a picture of a man sitting in a car with a great big camera. He turned around, took a lot of pictures of her, wound the window down, shouted a lot of abuse at her, and then as she crossed the door (?), he menaced her with his car, drove at her very fast, made her jump out of the way, and then at the end of the road, he did a u-turn and came back and menaced her again with the car.' 

Question: I think the police were also involved, were they not? 

A. The police have been called and they are coming to see Tinglan on Wednesday about the end put one bad pap away, but there were a whole bunch of them outside, and seeing as this was an egregious event, likely to warrant an injunction against all of these people, that seems like the right tactic that he adopted.