Charlotte Church, singer, 28.11.11. She told of her distress after the News of the World ran a front page story under the headline: "Church's three in a bed cocaine shock". The report said: "Superstar Charlotte Church's mum tried to kill herself because her husband is a love rat hooked on cocaine and three in a bed orgies."

Church said: "I just really hated the fact that my parents, who had never been in this industry, apart from looking after me, were being exposed and vilified in this fashion."

Kate McCann, mother of missing Madeleine, said 23.11.11. that she felt "totally violated" after the publication by the News of the World of her personal diaries in which she recorded her thoughts about her missing daughter.

She said the newspaper had showed "absolutely no respect for me as a grieving mother" when it ran the story in September 2008 under the headline Kate's Diary: In Her Own Words. She added: "I'd written these words, my thoughts, at the most desperate time of my life." 

Mrs McCann explained that she had talked about "climbing into a hole and not coming out" after the article appeared. She went on: "It made me feel very vulnerable and small. That whole week was very traumatic and every time I thought about it I couldn't believe the injustice."

Her husband, Gerry McCann, said the couple wanted an investigation into how the diary, which was seized and copied by Portuguese police, was leaked to the Murdoch tabloid. Lord Justice Leveson, who has legal powers to summon witnesses and compel evidence, indicated that he might heed their call. 

He accused the News of the World, Colin Myler, of "berating" them for conducting a 2008 interview with Hello! magazine on the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.