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Earlier this year, John Dale set out to discover how the first draft of history is written. To do so, he decided to explore the hidden reality of the ordinary mortals entrusted with this extraordinary responsibility. Put simply, were the hacks up to the job? It was the same question being raised by judges, politicians and an increasingly alarmed public and so, over one 24-hour period, Dale tracked the intersecting lives of hundreds of working journalists. 

The result is a global journey into love, war, fame, bombings, shame, sex, football and Hollywood – in other words, an average news day. 

He encountered editors, reporters, war correspondents, feature writers, columnists, agony aunts, fashion gurus, showbiz writers, broadcasters, paparazzi, trainees, unemployed hacks and billionaire moguls.

Ranging from London to Los Angeles, from Kigali to Kabul, from Shanghai to Sydney, Dale asks: ‘Why are some journalists so good - and some journalists so bad?’ 

And in an 85,000-word text, he identifies a hidden global superpower - journalism itself - one to which most journalists offer allegiance above and beyond their nation state. 

Dale concludes: 'Journalist - it is a badge of honour, the mark of a worldwide fraternity. Wear it with pride.'

   24 HOURS in journalism is now available as an ebook on Kindle - and will shortly be on Kobo, Apple and all main platforms. It will also be published in paperback.

* Postscript for students: Looking for the biggest-ever journalism internship? You've just found it - all in one ebook.

'Brilliant, absolutely brilliant' - Anna Murphy, magazine writer

'I wish there'd been a book like this when I started out,' - Sara Ward, magazine deputy editor

'Practising journalists will learn as much from this as students' - Adam Carpenter, consultant editor

'An innovative approach that brings out what journalism is really about, and a good read' - Professor Roger Mumby-Croft

'Well done, John - an ingenious idea,' Samm Taylor, magazine editor-in-chief

'Don't think I've been this excited by a book for years' - Clive Garsin, publishing executive

'The REAL story of journalism' - Rebecca Fleming, magazine editor-in-chief

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"...It is eight o'clock in the evening and the breaking story strikes the newsrooms with the force of a fragmentation grenade, blowing apart their carefully composed headlines. Now front pages which looked so fresh ten minutes ago are being ripped up and trampled upon and then put back together again. It’s fun if you have the temperament of a wrecking crew. Destroy to create. This is what the old hands love, and where the young hands learn. It needs cool heads, daredevil wit, passion, a gift for word play and the insight that comes from an intuitive understanding of mass psychology. As these gifts are rarely embodied in one human form, it also requires teamwork. At moments like this you can smell victory - or fear - in a newsroom just as you can in a football team’s dressing room. It’s now or never. The crowd awaits. Play to win, boys and girls. Give it all you’ve got. Death or glory.

Newsrooms exude a kind of sweat. In the old days it used to be real sweat making wet patches on nylon shirts overlaying string vests. Back then, the favoured olefactory barriers were tiny Manikin cigars or foul pipes or untipped cigarettes as dizzying as dope .

Now, in these more groomed and moisturised times, it’s not the smell that creeps up on you so much as an unidentified metrosexual pheromone. It scatters on thermal columns above overheating computer screens, binding men and women together in an embrace which dare not speak to HR.

This is how the first draft of history is written. You can almost vomit with the excitement..."

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